About Moments Like Today

Moments Like Today is a collaborative project aiming to inspire people all around the world to document their everyday moments in three segments: morning, afternoon and evening.

Hopefully with these moments, we will form a story of their everyday life as a whole.

We love using free image and video hosting services as the basis of our project. After much deliberation, we've decided to go with Flickr and Vimeo as the basis of our project.


We love collaborative challenges and we've set a few for our projects:

Goal #1 - Inspire people from 10 different cities from the world to participate, and it was achieved sometime in October 2009.

Goal #2 - Since most of us are a little groggy in the morning, we challenge to reach 50 photos or videos in the 'morning' segment. Right now we have 48.

Meet the Team

Margaret Kwan


Darryl Clarke

Tech Master

Myra Phan


Copyrights and Ownership

All copyrights belong to the respective owners of the content provided. For details on individual pieces please see the information provided on the originating sites.